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We are not your ordinary neighborhood pool company. We emphasize on building relationships with our local communities. Our goal is to prove that we’re not just a pool company, we are your neighbor!

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Neighborhood Pool Company

Pools Nextdoor wants to be your neighborhood pool company.  We are dedicated to providing a customer experience that is unmatched in the industry. Our commitment to quality on every level is why PND should be your one and only neighborhood pool company.

Trusted & Experienced

If you don’t believe us – just read our reviews! We understand the value of service and reliability.

Licensed & Insured

It’s important to do your research and hire fully licensed and insured professionals to protect your asset.

Our Guarantee

Doing the right thing means exceeding your expectations in service, quality, and professionalism.

No Contracts

We focus on building long- lasting relationships with our customers. Communication doesn’t require contracts. 

Elite Customer Service - Pools Nextdoor

Neighborly Maintenance Services

Trustworthy Pros

We only hire the best. All of our pool technicians undergo our in-house integrity test.

Empty Pump & Skimmer

These are the areas where your debris will collect. We’ll keep them clean and clear!

Remove Surface Debris

If your pool isn’t screened in, this can be a time consuming chore. Leave this job for the pros!

Wall & Tile Brushing

We’ll make sure to get rid of those scum lines and algae growth potential. This is important to keep your pool looking pristine.

Pool Filter Cleanings

Your filter is an essential to keeping your pool clean. If you take care of your filter, it will take care of your pool!


Automatic pool cleaners are great, but they can toss debris back into the water. Performing the task manually will ensure no debris is left behind.

Visual Equipment Inspections

Taking care of your equipment is a critical component to your pool care. We will contually monitor the condition and working function of all your equipment. 

Chemistry Checks

We will help maintain the PH level and chemistry of your swimming pool so that you can safely enjoy the pleasures of your backyard asset.

Custom Services

Depending on the time of year or condition of the pool, we can provide customized services according to your pool’s needs.

Happy Customers

“My husband had been doing our pool for years while being very frustrated. Have tried other services but they were very unsatisfactory. Had a pump leak and Pools Nextdoor was recommended to us and it is like having a prayer answered! They are awesome! Thank you Pools Nextdoor😎

“Excellent service! The pool was a gross, green mess, and is blue and clean within two visits! I’m impressed and thrilled with the service and will continue to use this company!” -Casey

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How often will you service my pool?

All of our Nextdoor plans include weekly service for your pool. If you need to add or skip a visit – just let us know!

How long do I have to wait to use my pool after a chemical treatment?

Generally speaking, we recommend waiting one hour to enjoy your pool again. If shocking your pool, you should wait until the chlorine drops to the recommended levels. 

Why is my water chemistry so important?

Pool chemistry is critical in maintaining a sanitary and healthy swimming environment.  A strong balance will also help protect your pool surface and operating equipment. 

Is it easier to just take care of the pool myself?

Of course this is always an option, however, maintaining a safe swimming environment should be left to professionals. We can also monitor the overall performance of the pool and troubleshoot any problems or repairs that may be required. 

Will you service my pool the same day every week?

Yes, we will. We try an optimize our technicians’ routes for efficiency. We will do our best to accommodate you if there is a specific day you prefer.

Why should I hire Pools Nextdoor as my pool service company?

The simple answer is …. we are the best! Our leadership team has over 20 years of successful experience in the pool industry. Pools Nextdoor was created to revolutionize the way we look at pool service through exceptional standards, dedication to quality, unmatched reliability, and continually doing the right thing!


Make us your neighborhood pool company!